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Choice Chat for Choice Moms

Dec 2, 2014

New York City psychologist Joann Paley Galst has counseled hundreds of women over the years about dealing with fertility challenges. In her partnership with Choice Moms, she helps educate single women about their options to become mothers -- the realities -- the hopes -- the fears.

In this Choice Chat episode, Joann and I talk about the life span of our eggs. How many eggs need to be frozen for a potential viable pregnancy down the road? At what age are you more likely, and less likely, to produce those healthy eggs? When it is too late, how does she counsel women through their grief? And how does a woman decide between hope and scientific data when discussing treatment options with her doctor?

Thanks to European Sperm Bank of the USA for sponsoring this Choice Chat podcast in 2014.

Visit for the Choice Mom E-guide: About Eggs.