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The politics of single parenting There is no question but that single parenting evokes a wide variety of emotions and viewpoints about how the kids in single-parent homes turn out. In this one-hour show, which aired on Voice America June 3, we hear from two experts about the impact it can have on a child to grow up without a father: Peggy Drexler, author of Raising Boys Without Men, and Harvard educator Rick Weissbourd, author of The Parents We Mean To Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children's Moral and Emotional Development.
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De-stressing single parenthood Did you know there are 10-minute solutions to detoxify the hassles of the day? The smartest Choice Moms learn how to carve out special moments in their day that are all about them. In this June 24 Voice America radio show, host Mikki Morrissette talks about some of those recharging ideas, which run the gamut from quirky to sweet. One special guest is New York City mom Lyss Stern, co-author of "If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 ways to find 10 blissful minutes for yourself." We'll also hear from Danielle, Choice Mom of four-year-old twins.
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Christine Coppa and unexpected pregnancy In this June 10 Voice America radio show, host Mikki Morrissette talks with Christine Coppa, of Glamour, who gave up a kind of "Sex in the City" Carrie Bradshaw life when she unexpectedly conceived. What can she tell us about life as a single parent, compared to the freedom of her pre-mom years?
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The genetic factor: what we should know for our adopted and donor-conceived children This one-hour June 17 Voice America radio show featured host Mikki Morrissette's conversation with author April Lynch ("The Genome Factor"), about what we can know -- and should know -- about our child's genetic health, even if we don't know the birth parents or donor.
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Ryan Kramer: Finding half-siblings and donors In this powerful show, we talk with with Ryan Kramer, the extremely eloquent teenager who co-founded Donor Sibling Registry with his mother Wendy. We discuss 1) his curiosity about his roots from the age of two, 2) his own search for his donor, 3) what it is -- and is not -- that he is looking for in that search, 4) how the Donor Sibling Registry was born and the more than 6,000 matches that have been made since.

He talks openly about the disappointment he felt when he learned of several half-siblings whose parents didn't want them to know each other. He also discusses the relationship he has since developed with a half-sister. We talked about whether being an only child has an impact on the curiosity. He offers tips for families making contact with half-siblings and donors, and he explains in articulate detail how he hopes the industry will change in the coming years -- which requires the participation of the Choice Mom community as one of the largest numbers of consumers.

This show was sponsored by the Donor Sibling Registry.
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My life as an anonymous sperm donor In this unique, detailed show, we hear directly from a formerly anonymous sperm donor (now running this service for donor families), who contributed for 15 years, about the contact he has now had with a few of his offspring. We talk about how the industry has changed since he provided fresh sperm to infertile couples. He honestly discusses his motivations at the time, the responsibility he now feels for the 200-plus offspring he estimates he now has, and what his experience tells him about the interest donor-conceived offspring have about their donor. After he made contact with offspring via the Donor Sibling Registry, he admits to confusion about the best way to proceed and talks openly about the issues it has brought to his own family life. He also talks about the value he believes donated gametes have in enabling people to build their own family, despite the complications it can bring.

This show was sponsored by California Cryobank.

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Tracking pregnancies:  why it’s important A majority of families using donor conception do not report births after the fact. This has a tremendous impact on the industry -- for example, the numbers of offspring born to a sperm donor, and even to egg donors, are generally vastly underreported, and if there is a genetic abnormality that surfaces in later years, families cannot be notified.

In this show, American Fertility Association board member Patricia Mendell, who is also a New York-based fertility counselor, talks about regulations in the fertility industry today. What do we need to do differently? Why are changes coming so slowly? What can Choice Moms do, as a sizeable share of the fertility industry market, to make a difference? In light of the aftermath of the octuplets birth in California to a woman who already had six children, how should regulations, ethics and counseling play a role?
She also shares resources to help women become more educated consumers.

This show was sponsored by Fertility Cryobank.

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Estate Planning Basics Estate planner and Choice Mom Racheal Isan explains the basic options for anyone who is creating an estate plan for her child, including the difference between a will and a trust, the benefits of having a trust, and how to pick a guardian. She discusses what happens if we don't have an estate plan in place, the cost of setting up a plan, and how state regulations have an impact.

This show was sponsored by financial planners Rebecca Hall (D.C.) and Rene Tidwell (NYC), and estate planner Daniela Lungu (S.F.).

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Creating an estate plan: the lesson from a Choice Mom's death Two women share the story of a Choice Mom whose unexpected and tragic death -- leaving behind a son born posthumously -- remind us of the reason we need to have life insurance in place before we conceive, and an estate plan created before we bring our children home.

Stayed tuned to the website and newsletter for details about an upcoming Choice Moms event in D.C. to honor this woman's legacy with a seminar that will give single women information they need to be the responsible parents we all want to be for our children.

This show was sponsored by financial planners Rebecca Hall (D.C.) and Rene Tidwell (NYC), and estate planner Daniela Lungu (S.F.).

Check the Choice Moms website for a growing state-by-state directory of financial planners, estate planners, and insurance agents who have special relationship with the Choice Mom community.
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Dating as a single mom In this episode we hear from two single moms about how they have managed to include dating into their lives. First I talked with my friend Darla about how she has juggled Choice Motherhood with a long-term relationship, including her experience and insight about when to introduce a boyfriend to her child...and how to tell a new man in her life that she was attempting to have a second child through donor insemination.

Second I talk with Rachel Sarah, author of "Single Mom Seeking," about the fact that many women grieve not being in a permanent relationship when they have a child, what she's learned about how to introduce her child to someone, and how her screening process and needs have changed since becoming a mom.

This show was sponsored by Fertility Cryobank, and is produced by
Choice Moms.
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What every Single Woman should know before becoming a Choice Mom Recorded at the New York City Choice Mom event, this podcast features mental health counselor Joann Paley Galst discussing the basic tips she offers any single woman who is considering Choice Motherhood.

This episode was sponsored by Pacific Fertility Center.

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Choice Mom Tricks: Part 2 Recorded at a San Francisco Bay Area networking event for Choice Moms, this show features the experience of Choice Moms founder Mikki Morrissette, the humor of author Mary Pols ("Accidentally on Purpose") and the insight of Choice Mom and therapist Felicia Shamma, as well as audience members, to discuss our fears and coping strategies.

A focus of the discussion was about finding partners in the journey -- friends, male role models, colleagues -- and the strengths, and weaknesses, we find in ourselves after we become mothers.

This show was sponsored by Pacific Fertility Center, which co-sponsored the networking event.
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Choice Chat with Jennifer: support network in action This episode features Jennifer, 8 months pregnant, who was part of a Choice Moms conversation circle that included six women talking about how we got to this stage of our journey, concerns we have for our children, how men play a role in our lives, and more.

It is a great example of the kinds of honest discussions we can and do have with each other, the thought that goes behind our decisions, and the plans we make for building the best world we can for our children.

The Choice Mom community is vast and varied and worldwide, and as this podcast allows us to hear, when we consciously reach out to each other we can be our own best support network.

This podcast was sponsored by California Cryobank, which sponsored a CD about "Answering the Daddy Question" that came out of this roundtable discussion.
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