Choice Chat for Choice Moms
The podcast for single women who proactively choose motherhood. Hosted by: Mikki Morrissette,
Cathi: Finding humor in fertility adventures Cathi has managed to find the humor in the ups and downs of her Choice Motherhood journey. From figuring out when (and how) to inseminate herself at home, using the sperm of a gay roommate, to dealing multiple times with the agony of the two-week wait, to moving when she was 33 weeks pregnant, Cathi is an upbeat inspiration.

This show was sponsored by Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area.

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Lori Gottlieb: The Mr. Good Enough Debate When Lori Gottlieb wrote an article about the merits of settling for Mr. Good Enough (Atlantic Monthly, March 2008), it set off a firestorm of debate within the Choice Mom community and across the U.S. in general. In this show, we talk with Lori about the strong responses she's gotten from people on both sides of the discussion. We also talk openly with Choice Mom Lily about the sometimes shamed viewpoint even within our own community that single parenting can be incredibly rewarding but also can be a lonely path. After you listen, feel free to comment on the Being blog of the website.

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Dealing with the emotions of fertility treatment Using insemination to build a family is not usually anyone's ideal method to parenthood. Sometimes we feel grief about not sharing the process with a partner. We might resent being asked by a fertility clinic to talk to a counselor before taking this step -- or wish we had someone to talk to about it. We don't know what questions we should be asking, or if we're working with the right doctor. How do we decide when it's time to let go of one method, and maybe consider another?

In this interview with Patricia Mendell, a New York City-based psychotherapist and co-chair of the American Fertility Association -- who has herself experienced the pain of fertility challenge -- host Mikki Morrissette gets insight about the emotions and stress of seeking fertility treatment for anyone who is using donor sperm, donor egg, or considering adoption.

This show was sponsored by Pacific Fertility Center.
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